bloggable events

I came to the sad, sad conclusion today that I do not have a bloggable life. I realized this when Coworker was telling me stories about her life today. Her life is bloggable, and she doesn't have a blog. It's so unfair. And I can't blog about her life because a) it's her life and not my life and b) she has prohibited me from blogging about her life. For the record, today's events involve a former fiance's wedding, regifting, inappropriate wedding cards, odd book gifts (unrelated to the regifting), and comparisons with the bride's physical attributes while unknowingly sharing a table with the bride's sister.

The only thing I get of interest is an author who has taken it upon himself to abbreviate references to Titus. (Which was grossly amusing as I unabbreviated all the references, but the story only takes up one line.)


Th. said...


But it's funny all the same.

You realize that's another hint of course--and an expected if still surprising one.

Th. said...


And you know, bloggability is merely a state of mind....

Edgy said...

Bloggability is merely a state of mind, but I don't think I have enough interaction with other people to spur on bloggable thoughts. However, with the impending Event of Stupidity (ak.a., NYC Marathon), surely I can create some bloggable moments.

Little White Bird said...

Blogging is a weird phenomenon anyway. Journaling, letter writing, and personal ads mingle together in an odd TRON-like medium. I like it.

BTW, I'm going to write a book someday called "Too Many Bunnies." It won't be a picture book, but it will probably mention some picture books in passing. It'll be my ticket to tenure.