impending event of stupidity

It's only 7:00 and my bag is packed and I think everything is ready to go. I wasn't expecting to be ready so early, so of course I'm now in panic mode trying to figure out what I'm forgetting.

I can't believe the marathon is just a few days away now. It just snuck up on me there at the end. Anyway, I'm going to be gone for a few days inflicting odd torture upon myself. Who in their right mind runs 26 miles anyway?

Then again, it almost sounds like a party. Apparently there are bands playing along the entire route. And there are banquets and meeting areas and everything. What I anticipate the worst part to be, though, is the 26 miles of people. I think there should be designated No Spectator sections. So that I can walk. (I think the competitive ballroom performer in me is no longer dormant. Bad news.)

But the first 10 miles should be good. After my run this past weekend, I noticed that 10 miles is a very good, natural distance to run. Miles 11 and 12 weren't so hot. But those are natural walls for me. Things usually pick up again at 13.

Oh, and there are porta-potties at 4.5 miles. That's good, because that's always where I have to, well, you know . . . drain the bladder.

I think I'm rambling now. If you care enough to know anything more about the race, you can look here. Oh, and for kicks, check out the men's bios to see why I'm just running this for fun. You've got to be kidding--2:10? I don't think so. I'm personally aiming for 4:30, assuming a Good Run Day.

Okay. That's all. Really it is. And I do not have excess nervous energy right now. Sheesh.


Desmama said...

GOOD LUCK! And hey, twenty-six miles of people isn't that bad. At least it isn't twenty-six miles of barbed-wire fence.

Desmama said...

Are you 'live?

Th. said...


You didn't run on your fingers, did you?

Edgy said...

I'm still alive. And I didn't run on my fingers. The post-game wrap-up is coming. Probably tomorrow night.