Some people seem to have too much time on their hands. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. During the last few minutes of work today, when I no longer felt like working, I made a list of the various blogs I think I need to write. My list had six blogs (this effectively takes care of one of them, but only if you clicked on the link to the absurd but cool video) that I figured I need to write. And then the carpool home inspired another, especially when considered in conjunction with Tolkien Boy's blog of yesterday. Maybe I'll write some tonight. Or maybe I'll write them all tonight and then set the time and date thing to post them over the next couple days. Hmm.

Regardless, I hope you got a kick out of the video.


Desmama said...

You would inspire more confidence in me as the editor who replaced me if you would spell Tolkien right. Just FYI.

Mandi said...

That was cool, that guy definately won prize for best decorated hose in his 'hood!!

Th. said...


Great, Edgy. You just subtracted 3:02 from my already busy life. Thanks a lot.