the faces of Edgy

While blog hopping tonight, I came across a reference to Apparently they're rolling out a face recognition program. You upload a picture, and the software scans your features and compares your features to a bunch of celebrities so that you know just how much you look like famous people. (The idea is that eventually it'll be tied in to normal people, I guess under the assumption that you can figure out who you are based on what people you look like.)

So these are the many faces of Edgy:

George Clooney 61%

Dennis Quaid 59%

Clint Eastwood 51%

Barack Obama 50%

Frank Zappa 49%

Keith Richards 48%

George H. W. Bush 47%
(It could be worse--it could be George W.)

Martin Scorsese 47%

Dustin Hoffman 45%

Matt LeBlanc 45%


TannerJ5 said...

How interesting.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I never noticed before... but you and Dennis Quaid do have the same color of eyes. ;)

Master Fob said...

Okay, now I have a very strange image of you. George Clooney, Barack Obama, and George H. W. Bush?

noelle feather said...

I knew I came across your blog for a reason! :) I L.O.V.E. George Clooney!

noelle feather said...

PS...and I LOVE books! I have 5+ bookshelves...and it continues to grow.

Th. said...


Finally I will be able to pick you out of a crowd!

Mandi said...

OKay, I was so intrigued that I did it for myself and Miss R:
I came back once with NO recognitions! and once with Andie MacDowell, Cate Blanchet and Sophie Marceau. (I was surprised to not see the one and only celeb I've been told I look like: Bette Midler)

Miss R came back with a huge variety ranging from Hilary Duff to Liza Minelli!!!!