Coworker: Europe has it right . . . six-hour workdays.

Edgy: Yeah, but if you had a six-hour workday, I think you would want a five-hour workday.

Coworker: I don't know. I think there's just so much your body wants of each activity.

Edgy: Well, Brigham Young says that your body wants to work eight hours a day.

Coworker: But Brigham Young had a huge beard.


English Ben said...

Which would explain why my beardless (and probably unbeardable) body doesn't want any work. I feel justified.

Desmama said...

Is she still on that six-hour workday kick? Honestly.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Europeans also get six weeks of vacation.

Th. said...


I have a six hour workday.

And way more than six weeks vacation.

Take that, Europe!

Th. said...


Oo. Need to attach a PS.

I'll get to your A later. I'm sure it deserves a read rather than a scan.

FoxyJ said...

Your mom has a huge beard.