because the Oscars matter

Now, I know I have been negligent in my posting duties. Absent has teamed up with Fobby and thoroughly reprimanded me for not yet posting G, and it is coming. Soon.

In the meantime . . .

Edgy has invited you to play Entertainment Weekly's World's Biggest Oscar Pool sweepstakes at You and a guest could be headed to Hollywood for an all-expense paid weekend and watch as your favorite stars arrive at the 79th Academy Awards in 2007! Seated in the bleacher seats* in the Red Carpet arrival area, you will be able to watch as the stars strut for the cameras and the fans!

Log on to, make your predictions, then join Edgy's group using the information below.

Group Name: friends o' edgy
Password: bunnies

It's simple!

  1. Go to the home page and select "Entertainment Weekly's Worlds Biggest Oscar Pool"
  2. Log in with your member name and password
  3. Make your predictions in all 24 awards categories
  4. Select "Join Group," then log in using the Group Name provided above
  5. Review the predictions of the members in your group
  6. Tune in to ABC on Sunday March 5th, 5PM PT/8PM ET for the 78th Academy Awards and see if your predictions come true!

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Th. said...


Once again, I have seen very few of the nominated films. Ths year, I know less about them as well.

What I wouldn't do for a babysitter....