from the LATimes article about the Vanity Fair cover:

"People won't believe me," [Tom Ford] is quoted as saying in Vanity Fair's "Behind the Scenes" feature story, "but I did not plan on being on the cover." On Tuesday, he told "Good Morning America's" Diane Sawyer that he is in the photograph because the intended third subject, actress Rachel McAdams, got cold feet and decided not to disrobe for photographer Annie Leibovitz. "I think she felt uncomfortable," Ford said, "and I didn't want to make anybody feel uncomfortable."

The reason he jumped into the shot, he explains in the magazine, is this: "Three girls in a bed is a bedful of girls. Two girls in bed are lesbians." It's not exactly clear what two girls and a gay man add up to, but the signs point to a spike in interest at the very least.

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