She-Ra on the rampage

She-Ra storms into Coworker's office, her red hair flying and her solid gold panties twisted in a knot.

She-Ra paraphrased: We have a process here. You can't just come back and tell my people what to do.

A correspondence ensues.

Iguana Sam: I have a Taser in my desk...wanna borrow it ;)

Coworker: ;)

Iguana Sam: All we'd have to do is sneak up...and ZAP!

Coworker: it's definitely friday. are you thinking you won't have to come back and face the music in 2 days?

Iguana Sam: No, I know she would literally come back at us with a shotgun, but I'm almost thinking it would be worth the risk for the temporary satisfaction. And yes it is Friday after a long week of She-Ra-ness.

Coworker: ;) i'm right behind you. (just about 20 or so feet back......)

Iguana Sam: Okay, as long as you cover me. ;)

Coworker: like i said 20 (or so) feet away---shot gun ranges are?.......

Iguana Sam: You should be good...maybe we should get you a paintball gun...I'll take the Taser.

For the record, as I was uninvolved in the exchange, quite technically this should be found on Iguana Sam's blog. However, for simplification of use, we have discussed it and decided that I get to post Coworker's life--it'll make it easier when she sits down to write in her journal at night.


Desmama said...

As I wrote to Coworker, "And you DIDN'T taser her because . . . ?"

Iguana Sam said...

Coworker didn't want to Taser her because she's been here much longer than I have and knows of the atrocities and bared-fangedness of She-Ra. I, as of yet, have the optimism of a courageous new hunter that underestimates its prey, and am unmarred by the talons of the creature known as She-Ra. (I'm sure Texas Mama knows full well the dangers of which I speak.) Let's just say that if even the management cows to her...what chace do we have?