I spent my lunch break--and then some--at the Not-So-Jiffy Lube today. What should have been a fairly quick visit to change the oil and do the Safety & Emissions inspection ended up taking almost two hours.

After paying, I went out to wait by my car while the guy was just finishing the inspection.

"Did you know that you have a brake light out?"
"I do? He told me that all my lights are fine."
"No. Your passenger brake is out. Here, I'll show you."

Sure, enough, it was out. So he called over the guy who did the light inspection.

"Why didn't you mark that the brake light was out?"
"It's not out."
"Yes, it is. I'll show you."
"See--it works."
"No, that's the tail light, not the brake light."

So Competent Guy has Inept Guy replace the light bulb. I give Competent Guy a five for the light (he gave me a discount since I'd already paid and all). Inept Guy informs us that the light has been fixed, and he goes off to take care of something else.

As Competent Guy gives me my certificates, I mention that I think we should check the light, just to be sure. He thinks this is a good idea because it will give me peace of mind. The brake light still doesn't work. Competent Guy then takes the brake light off again.

"Here's the problem. He replaced the wrong bulb."


Master Fob said...

Dude. Whoa.

David said...

I had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube today, it only took 10 maybe 15 minutes. Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything....oh wait.

Th. said...


It's always good to know you're in the hands of a professional.

MikeyV said...

The way I think you should look at the situation is to imagine how long the whole process would have taken if you didn't go to Jiffy Lube!

I won't even talk about the perks of a company car and never having to go to Jiff Lube just yet.