uncle Edgy, take two

Joshua Patrick II

28 March 2006
7:59 a.m.
8 lb 12 oz
19.75 in

Lil Bro has decided to call this one JP; however, Edgy is stubborn (and opposed to poor naming practices) and will be calling him Patrick.


Mandi said...

Awwwe! Uncle Edgy has had a busy year, Congrats to you and JP's Parents

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Congratulations, times two! Perhaps we should form a Coalition of Aunts and Uncles for Sensible Naming Practices.

Desmama said...

Did she have him in Texas or Wyoming? He's a cutie. Congratulations.

Edgy said...

Patrick was born in Texas. See, Lil Bro works for a company with amazing benefits. Such as giving him paternity leave--three weeks for each child. And I believe they covered most of the adoption and maternity costs as well.

Desmama said...

And he's quitting this company? Oh wait . . . we just did that.

Tolkien Boy said...


(Which are so much better than coagulations, which is what I accidently wrote at first.)

David said...

Hey! He was born on my birthday, or maybe I was born on his birthday. He's going to be a smart little boy, after that it's all up to chance though.