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from PublishersLunch Deluxe:

Dr. Linda Seger's JESUS RODE A DONKEY: Why Republicans Don't Have the Corner on Christ, an examination of how Christians view one another across the political divide, to Paula Munier at Adams Media, in a nice deal, by Janet Benrey at Hartline Literary Agency.

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dmillie said...

oh my god i completely loved this book burned. i actually cried to it when her husband died well rlly they didnt get married yet but he died in the car crash its like a movie but in a book i seriously think they should make a movie to this and i woul absoloutly love to watch it!!! i give this book two thumbs up.and im suprissed i read this book in a day it only took a couple of hours. and this is the first big book tht dragged my attention and tht i read in one day. i completely am amazed by it! i cant wait till i read more books she wrote. ilovedit<3(: