I haven't posted in a while, and I really need to. Of course, Coworker has prohibited my from posting this weekend. Something to do with my failure to have already turned in a novel I was supposed to have turned in a couple weeks ago.

So I won't post anything real today. I'll just make comments such as the following:

  • When did Utah acquire a monsoon season? Not to say that I'm opposed to anything that drives away the heat, but the sheets of rain?
  • I spent a lovely week in Las Vegas for a fitness convention. I want to write more about that later . . . what I learned, the places I ate, the shows I saw.
  • I finally read The DaVinci Crap while traveling to and from Vegas. I think that deserves a post all its own.
  • After going to Fob on Thursday and Storyguild on Friday, I realized that I would like to start writing again. I need to make time to do that.
  • I've begun the process to become a personal trainer. The book is thick and heavy and boring. And it comes with CD-Roms. Merciful heavens.
  • What's up with the Brokeback marriage obsession of late? The NYTimes and SLTrib both ran articles this week. Of course, I have found the blogoverse conversation about it intriguing, especially at Times & Seasons. Granted, that may be because they're all discussing and moralizing about Master Fob and Foxy and I think that some of the bloggers are full of a little too much self-righteous hot air.
  • Two of Dec's three kids are sick this weekend. Add that to whatever it is Dec has, which is different from whatever it is that I have, and we're just a house of sickies. And now, the last child is reporting that her throat feels funny. I think we're going to miss Little Dude's blessing and S-Boogie's birthday tomorrow.
  • Dec and I are having our housewarming on Saturday. I sent out e-mail announcements tonight. If you didn't get one but think you should have, please let me know. I would post all the information online, but I do like to keep my internet stalkers from discovering my house.
  • Of course, after Monday, that will no longer be an issue since ADT wants to sponsor our house. Basically that means we get the security system at a bargain so they can begin selling systems for full price in our neighborhood.

I think that's all for the time being. I will try to post this week. Really.


Tolkien Boy said...

Thanks to the (obviously catching) illness, I may be able to attend your housewarming party.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Oh, both you and Dec are sick? I feel so guilty for visiting you on my last day of health. Of course, I had no idea it was going to be my last day of health, but still, I feel like it is my fault somehow. If you have what I have had, the cough is still lingering, after two weeks. Sorry, sorry, sorry...

Master Fob said...

We missed you guys. I hope you're feeling better.

And you're right; there's a little too much hot air floating around.