alpha male

Last week, when we were talking to the Petco Gal about registering for training classes with Puppy*, she said that it's a matter of training Puppy to know who the new leaders of the pack are. Jokingly, I told Dec that I get to be the alpha male.

Come to find out, that wasn't a joke after all.

The other night, while I was still working on the computer, Dec was in bed reading. Puppy decided to jump into bed with him. (We have a No Furniture rule for her.) He told her to get down. And told her. For a couple minutes, this went on. Finally, I broke down and went into the bedroom. I told her to get off the bed.

She did.

It's good to be the alpha male.

*Puppy isn't her name; she has a real name. But I figure that since everyone else on my blog gets a nom de blog, why should she be left out?


Th. said...


Lucky Edgy.

(I knew calling yourself Bunny would win out eventually.)

Anonymous said...

Puppy. It's catchy, you know?