seasonal obsession

Dec left early this afternoon for Seattle to help his sister paint her in-laws' cabinets. (Fortunately, everyone who was moving to Seattle is already moved in, so there will be no need for him to involve himself with any moving trucks.) The bright side of all this is that I got to spend the day with my DVR. Ahh. Such a joy. I know some people may think five hours of TV is too much, but it is not.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to discover that I may have some new obsessions this season.

First up is Heroes. It's basically an X-Men type of story. So far I'm impressed with the editing and storytelling and connecting of characters together.

Then there is Brothers & Sisters. Just take a gander at the cast. (Okay, I love Sally Field; she can do no wrong--I mean, you have seen Soapdish, haven't you?) So you take this great cast and throw into it family and political dynamics. Good stuff.

Finally, new this season is Ugly Betty, which ABC lists as a drama. I guess that's technically true, but it is much more lighthearted.

So this is going to be a good season.

(And having new obsessions does nothing to diminish previous obsessions with the Desperate Housewives or How I Met Your Mother.)


noelle feather said...

I LOVED "How I Met Your Mother". I was really upset to learn that it's not filmed before a live studio audience.

A year or so ago (?) my mom and I were in Vegas--and we were at New York, New York, I'm pretty sure. They had a CBS Studio type thing there where we could watch up and coming TV shows. We watched that one and it was HILARIOUS.

So sad it's not live....I'd be there in a heartbeat. :)

MikeyV said...

I didn't think I'd like B&S, despite SF being in it - and you know I love her. But alas, I like the show. Good caste of interesting characters. Ugly Better is beautiful however they need to be careful at times the show borders on dull. I'm still waiting for the Housewives to be interesting again and while I adored HIMYM, Mikey can't keep up with that many shows. Thank goodness for DVD sets.

Th. said...


Just having cable gives me pain. If we had a DVR, I would cease to live.

MikeyV said...

Oh I don't know, having DVR you learn how to do without things, like sleep and eating - that's it, DVR is a diet tool.

Edgy said...

Except that you can eat in front of the DVR. Sure, it's a bit rude, but as long as you offer it some food, rules of hospitality have been fulfilled.