thwarting nature

After three long weeks, my parents are finally back from South Carolina and I'm living in my own home again. It's so nice to be home, even if I did come home to a mess.

And leaves. Mercy, there were leaves.

So I spent Saturday raking leaves. Three hours. Fifteen bags. I likely have uneven obliques now. Damn.

But our yard is pretty again. Or at least it was. Until Obnoxious Neighbor Boy blew all the leaves from his yard into our yard.

As I was raking though, I began to question why it is we even do this. I mean, isn't it part of nature's process to nourish and renew life? But no. I raked up the dead leaves so that I could winterize my lawn with chemicals that mimic nature's process.

Seems rather silly to me.


Anonymous said...

One could say that gym excercises that create even obliques are an unnatural mimic of mother nature's natural body building process... And so are just as unnatural as raking leaves and putting your lawn to sleep for the winter with chemicals to wake up all evenly pumped up and green in the spring. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but I think you'll be glad when spring comes and you don't have a layer of dead, moldy leaves on your lawn. Easier to do it now than deal with it in six months. And bless yer heart for your comments on my blog!

Th. said...


What's an oblique? Am I shaming myself by not knowing? Are uneven obliques bad?

MikeyV said...

I think when one lives in the suburbs (one begins saying "one" and) everything is unnatural - hence removing the leaves from your yard, which is an unnatural process.

J says we need a "landscape architect" to 'plan and maintain our property' I saw right through that: "You mean rake when the leaves fall!"

eleka nahmen said...

If you notice, nobody who leaves nature to its own processes is ever part of the Elite. Being thus requires manipulating nature into a plethora of unnatural forms by way of a host of unnatural activities.

Sir Jupiter said...

"Uneven Obliques" would be a great name for a band. Don't you think?