So my posting has been a bit erratic of late. There's a good reason for that.

You see, the last couple weeks have been rather frenetic. When I haven't been putting in twelve-hour days at the gym or dealing with my dead computer (apparently the hard drive has decided to give up the ghost, not that this is a bad thing since now I have a brand new, lovely little MacBook Pro), I've been nesting.

Late last month, Dec and I stumbled on the shelving we wanted for the office and living room. We rushed to install the living room units, because we had our Twelfth Night party (which Eleka willfully skipped for no good reason despite her claims otherwise) and needed furniture to display the Christmas Love from my folks.

Then we rested a week. Or so.

But this last week or two have been filled with painting and installing and unpacking. That's right . . . Edgy no longer has any books in boxes. They are all on shelves. Some still aren't the shelves where I want them. But then, I'm not sure where I want to put said books anyway.

In the end though, I'm pleased to note that all the rooms in the house are painted. Well, with the exception of the laundry room, but we have the paint for it, so now we just need to set aside some time to clean the walls and paint it. The office is nearly done. All we have left to do there is decide what we want for our desktops and install those. And find a new sleeper love seat and rug for the room.

But we're practically done. Which is good, since Spring is just around the corner.

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Absent-minded Secretary said...

And they are such beautiful bookshelves, and everything is so perfectly perfect. I must compliment you on being so well nested.