thirteen degrees

I'm from Wyoming; thirteen degrees is not cold.


I never had to walk farther than a parking lot in Wyoming.

And I never had to walk a dog. On ice. While she's trying to attack and devour other dogs.


MikeyV said...

Our dog is a lover, not a fighter. He wants to make love to any and every animal known to mankind. Ahh, that's my boy. But he's still afraid of the snow and won't go near the stuff, ice too.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

It may have been a balmy 13 degrees, but it felt like it was 2 degrees with the wind chill factor. So, it was cold.

GhostRose said...

There's your musical - Dog On Ice! :-) Ouch though...I hope she didn't drag you over.

Katria said...

Umm... I think you're slightly insane. But that's OK. I'll continue reading your blog, anyway. Besides, normal people scare me.