the joy of white trash

I know that in times past I have complained of having white trash neighbors. I mean, there was the couple across the hall from my apartment who had multiple inflatable lawn ornaments. And then there's my current neighbor who has tried to invite himself over to throw back a few beers with Dec and I.


White trash neighbors around the corner is actually a bit of a blessing and a joy.

I first noticed the house sometime during December. They had hung ornaments on the barren branches of the large maple (or oak--I know nothing of trees) in their front yard. It was pretty cool, and I thought that might be a great way of decorating for the holidays.

Come January, they had taken down the Christmas ornaments and hung snowflakes. That was when I realized they were white trash. (Because I make stereotyped assumptions that way.)

In February, the tree was rehung with hearts.

In March, shamrocks.

So I've been looking foward to this week, waiting for the Easter eggs to appear. They haven't appeared yet, but while I was out walking Puppy tonight, the couple was out taking down the shamrocks, and I could see Easter decorations on the porch. I eagerly anticipate tomorrow morning's walk!

(And I should state that in all likelihood, they're not actually white trash; white trash do not own yippy dogs.)

(And as a further note, I'm blogging from the front porch because it's 48 degrees outside right now. I love spring, even if I had to wear my glasses today because my eyes hurt too much from my allergies to put in my contacts.)


Th. said...


What if it's a bunch of crucified men hanging from their tree?

daverichards said...

This was quite interesting to read...thanks for sharing all your views and thoughts with us...and well as Easter is coming up do visit my blog on Easter Wishes and Greetings sometime and share all the fun and spirit it's filled up with!!!

Absent-minded Secretary said...

But then empty crosses on Easter morning.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what is so white trash about holiday decor. Sounds kind of nice.

BTW, I have a PHD in white trash, having lived in Florida.

Desmama said...

Ah, but there is a distinct line between tasteful and trashy. And many there be that have crossed that line, not knowing it, perhaps, but crossing it nonetheless. I think anything hanging from trees that isn't Christmas-related might be flirting with that line.

Sir Robert Chiltern said...

OMG. I've been dying from allergies the last two weeks. My nasal cavity itches so much I want to rip it out.

PS - Might these be decorations from Enrichment?

Jér said...

This sounds more like the lady who is always asked to teach the "Holiday Crafts" miniclass at Enrichment because she is just so obviously gifted in that department.