macho men

[TRAINER's workout partner, OFFICER, checks in at the front desk. He glances into the weight room, assessing where Trainer is. He leans over the desk and whispers to EDGY conspiratorially.]

Officer: So . . . um . . . Edgy . . . well . . . okay . . . Don't tell Trainer this, but where do you shop for your clothes?

Edgy: Eh?

Officer: I mean, you have a pretty good fashion sense and all . . . Don't get me wrong because there are some things you wear that are like, no way uh-uh, but most of your clothes are pretty cool and so I was just wondering.

Edgy: Mostly Buckle, but some Banana Republic.

Officer: Okay. But don't tell Trainer. I don't want to catch any shit from him.

Edgy: Wait. So you mean he hasn't told you about Vegas?

Officer: What about Vegas?

Edgy: Just the little part about Vegas where he took me shopping with him because he wanted to look hot for the concert.

Officer: He what? Are you serious?

Edgy: Oh, yeah.

Officer [as he walks away]: Yo, Trainer. You went shopping?

All this because some men just aren't men enough to wear embroidered shirts.


Mr. Fob said...

We can't all be as manly as you.

Anonymous said...

We must acknowledge Dec for helping Edgy along in his manliness.

Jér said...

This is what my life is lacking: macho guys asking me for fashion tips. Obviously I need to switch career paths.