Because I didn't go in to work today, what with my Weekend o' Edgy getaway that will begin in 15 minutes, I've let Puppy spend some time in the yard. I think she likes that I leave the backdoor open for her now when I'm home.

This morning, Puppy has been laboring on a hole--I think she's varmint hunting. She's dug a rather nice hole, to be honest. Fine workmanship. And watching her dig, I understand better why her biomechanics are the way they are.

Now, as to whether or not she finds any varmints, I guess I'll have to wait and see. I'm sure Absent will tell me if Puppy brings her any gifts while I'm away.


Sir Jupiter said...

Are you in Vegas?

You're in Vegas, aren't you?

Dammit, of course you don't wait until Memorial Day Weekend when I meet up with my Asian Harem from Orange County!

Th. said...


Happy birthday!

Desmama said...

*Gasp* It's your birthday? Ohmygoodness HAPPYBIRTHDAY!

Edgy said...

Thank you, Theric and DesMama. :)