cry, the beloved country

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Fourth. Seeing as how my convention actually starts tomorrow, I guess my vacation is technically over.

I love San Diego. Can I just say that? Its climate is perfection. Oddly enough, I find myself sorely tempted to pack up everything, move here, and become a ricksaw driver. Sorely tempted. Really. Truly.

Yesterday, I did some shopping. I did some poolside reading. I went to Joe's Crab Shack with my parents and uncle. (I would like to point out, that the Crab Shack in Sandy is far better in terms of quality and service, but it just doesn't compare in terms of location. Because, as you can see in the picture below, it is resting on pylons in the water. As any good crab shack should.)Our dessert was served with fireworks, which I consider to be fairly good timing. I would include a picture, but I couldn't get any decent pictures.

After dinner, I got ready and went out to the club. Because that's what you do when you travel to another city. That was also quite fun. Especially since I think I may have a knack for finding cute guys who are teachers from another city and who have soft lips. (For example, two years ago in NYC, I met William who was a high school science teacher in Virginia. You may ask how I remember that his name was William, and that's merely because he graduated from William & Mary. I remember this because of the tattoo he had on his left shoulder. I find it a shame that I graduated from a college where, as a general rule, you will not find any alumni with the school letter tattooed on their body. Last night, I met Ryan who is an elementary school drama teacher in LA.)

Today, I went to the Padres—Mariners baseball game with my dad and uncle. It was my first ever baseball game. It was actually fun. I assume we had good seats. We were in row 22 behind the plate. See the photo below and realize that I didn't have to really zoom in to get the picture. Although I guess that technically I did crop it, which makes it look tighter than it really is.Truth be told, had I my druthers, I would rather have gone to the game on Sunday, because it is apparently "Pride Night." And, apparently, all the standard groups are up in arms that the gays are having a night at the ballpark.

Phil Magnan, the director for Biblical Family Advocates said "This action by the San Diego Padres management has greatly tarnished their record as being a family friendly organization. They have truly offended the moral and religious sensibilities of literally thousands of fans. I will never look at the Padres the same way that I have over the past 40 plus years here in San Diego, enjoying its image as being pro family. It is really sad."

Unfortunately The Biblical Family advocates were joined by other organizations who have a problem with the Padres "support" of the Pride Night.

The Set Free Ministries have planned to distribute flyers outside of Petco Park, which will spell out their objections of the event.

The El Cajon based ministry pointed out that Pride Night coincides with the Padres weekly promotion where kids get a free floppy cap. J. D. Loveland, the development director of the organization, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he wouldn't have a problem with Pride Night if it didn't coincide with the floppy cap promotion.

"We have absolutely no hard feelings with the gays and lesbians, the Padres or anybody," Loveland said. "It's just that (the promotion) happened and it shouldn't have happened."

"Loveland (says),'We're concerned about Christian parents and other parents who do not want to have to answer at a ballgame why Adam and Steve are doing what they are doing," But the absurdity of it all gets worse as the organization plans on holding a walkout by their 42 concession stand fundraisers.
Now, perhaps it's just me, but shouldn't these good Christian organizations be, oh, I don't know, attending church and honoring the sabbath on Sunday? Just wondering.

Anyway, I did more poolside reading today and topped the day off with more seafood on the ocean.


I don't want to begin work again.

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Sir Robert Chiltern said...

BTW, I'm enjoying your book-inspired blog titles. And I'm totally jealous of your vacationing. Sounds like you're having a great time.

And PS, can you believe those stupid advocates? I saw an article on that as well. People acting like that can't support the Padres any more, or acting like children being around are going to be harmed in some way. Dumb.