goodnight moon

story the first

Puppy spent most of this week with Absent while I was away in San Diego. I was concerned about how Puppy would (or wouldn't) behave, because last time I left her with Absent, Puppy was all sorts of mopey and put out. Fortunately, she was not mopey this time.

Though she apparently decided she was master of the house, as evidenced by the text I received Wednesday morning from Absent:
I am so not in charge here.
Because I was concerned about the terror Puppy might be inflicting on Absent, I called immediately. (I had also just gotten up.) Come to find out, Puppy had taken it upon herself to make sure that she and Absent went to bed on time. On Tuesday, bedtime was 11:30. Wednesday, it was 9:30. She was so determined to make sure Absent went to bed on time (at 10:00) on Saturday, that she broke a plate over it.

story the second
Tall Drink spent the night with Puppy on Thursday because Absent, for some strange reason, felt the need to actually go to work on Friday. Absent and I had both warned Tall Drink that Puppy was asserting her position and was making sure her guest got to bed on time.

But she didn't make sure Tall Drink got to bed on time. For some reason, she was compelled to make sure that he stayed up all night. She'd crawl into bed for 10 minutes. Then she'd want a drink of water. Then she'd get back in bed for maybe 15 minutes. Then she would want to go back outside. Then she'd get back in bed for another 10 minutes. Then she'd get her rope (because it's the only toy, aside from Tall Drink, that she'll play with). Tall Drink attempted to ignore her, but she does not tolerate that kind of behavior. Fortunately, he didn't have to go in to work on Friday, so he was able to sleep away the day and discover the joy of having access to gay TV on DirecTV.

story the third
Now, you would think that during this time while Puppy is tormenting my friends, attempting, I assume, to convince them to never house sit for me again, that Edgy is getting lots of peaceful slumber in San Diego.

That would be a bad assumption.

I shared my room with my uncle. Uncle snores. Like a freight train. Typically I am a very sound sleeper. Well, once I fall asleep, that is. I cannot fall asleep to someone snoring. It was easier when it was Dec who was snoring because I could just roll him over on his side. And if that didn't stop him long enough for me to fall asleep, I could jab him with my elbow. That tactic wouldn't work with Uncle. So it would take me three or so hours to fall asleep.

But then I discovered that Dec's grating teeth aren't the only thing that will wake my from my slumber. No. Uncle snores in such a way that he actually wakes me up. So unfair.

I think I'm looking forward to Puppy hogging the bed tonight. At least I can sleep through that.


Sir Robert Chiltern said...

I love puppy so. I shall have to take a day of watching her the next time you're out of town. Maybe I'll regret that, but I'll commit to it for now.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I miss Puppy. Already. Lots.

It makes me laugh that she didn't let Tall Drink sleep, because she never woke me up in the middle of the night, at all.

Oh, and I need to come pick your apricots.

Th. said...



How many dogs do you have?

Mr. Fob said...

You are only convincing me more and more that I don't want a dog, ever.