pleasures of the table

I'm not sure where my expectations for food service have come from, but demonstrating my disgust with poor service has reached a new high this evening.

It should not take an hour and a half to order and receive two small hamburgers and pay for said hamburgers:

  • 10 minutes waiting for server to show up and take drink order.
  • 5 minutes waiting for server to bring drink and take food order, during which time, you find out from the hostess (who is concerned that you don't have a drink) that they have Pepsi and not Coke, and since you are One Who Does Not Drink the Foul Over-sweetness That Is Pepsi, have her bring you a root beer (which is just as sickneningly sweet, but at least it has a tang to it).
  • 30 minutes waiting for food to arrive.
  • 15 minutes to eat the first itty bitty burger. It takes this long because one is in dire need of a drink, and since the server hasn't bothered to come back around to check on you, you are parched and must finally resort to drinking the Pepsi that the server left on the table.
  • 5 minutes to finally receive the refill on the root beer so you can commence eating again.
  • 10 minutes to eat the second itty bitty burger.
  • 15 minutes waiting for the server to bring the check so you can pay and get on with your evening.
At this point, I flagged down another server and gave her my card. I was so upset about the abysmally slow and inattentive service, that I even gave the stand-in server a tip for merely swiping my card.

I hope that knowledge gets back to my server.


Absent-minded Secretary said...

So, how exactly do you do that, tip a person that isn't your server? Because sometimes I would like to do that, maybe for just being cute or something.

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