the five people you meet in heaven

  1. Gladys
    After feeling a whirlwind of emotions and rejection and what not this weekend, Gladys called to tell me to stop sending hateful texts to my friends. This was a good thing, because I was becoming a bit unstable and shouldn't have been putting such nastiness out there. Especially since Verizon apparently will not send out beyond 160 characters to non-Verizon customers, which meant that a couple of my recipients didn't get their full text, which in one case or two or maybe even three stopped the mesage after a particularly bitchy portion that wasn't tempered by the closing well wishes and/or apologies I had written. And thus Gladys saved some very important friendships for me. And he helped calm me down.

  2. Dec
    I really don't know what to say about Dec here. I know I give him a lot of grief. And I know I get frustrated with how much he still cares for me. And I know that I unintentionally hurt him a lot still.


    He was the first one to start filling in the details for me, to start helping me figure out what I knew was going on. And he talked me through things. And he didn't get upset (at least while with me) that I cried over what had gone down this weekend whereas he never saw me cry over us. (I did cry, just not with him around.)

    He also talked to our mutual friends to try and convince them that he and I truly can be in the same room together and we don't need little announcements warning us that the other is going to be there. (Because that led to some of my drama that Gladys had to clear up.)

    Dec also took me to lunch today, which was an especially good thing since I realized at about 10 this morning that I hadn't eaten since dinner Saturday night when the Momma had made tuna casserole, which I didn't eat a lot of because I don't like tuna casserole.

  3. Sir Robert
    I created a helluva lot of drama this weekend. I really didn't want to, what with it being Sir Robert's last weekend before he moves. Even so, he was kind enough and gracious enough to take time from his day and spend it with me while I spilled about everything that was hurting me and causing me to lash out at him and others. And he was very understanding and forgiving, which I really didn't deserve but appreciate nonetheless. I'm going to miss him terribly after he leaves Thursday morning.

  4. Absent
    Absent was very good to me this weekend. Yes, I sent her a warning text about The Post trying to avert any repeat of the reaction when I blogged things before telling her before. And, as I had asked her, she didn't call to badger me before I was ready to talk through things.

    But she was there when I called far too late in the evening. And she said all sorts of happy things (even if I still insist that it is far more interesting to be the antagonist in my own story than the protagonist). And she listened to all my woes at the cost of sharing her own.

  5. You
    Okay. I know this is totally cheating, just like it was totally cheating when Time chose "You" as its Person of the Year last year.


    You have been an amazing support to me. Little things have been truly appreciated and cherished. You've been there for me in unexpected ways, and I thank you for that.


Absent-minded Secretary said...

You are and always will be my favorite Edgy Killer Bunny. You are one of the best people... ever. People who don't understand how wonderful you are, just don't deserve the effort it takes to keep them in your life.

And whenever you need a tension breaker, you know that you can count on me to lock myself out of my apartment just before midnight, or lose my cell phone three times in a year, or ignore a tsunami evacuation...

Th. said...


I don't know---I've been sick. I think you might mean someone else.