harvest 2005

I've been in somewhat of a cleaning mood of late, and it's about to hit my blog as well. To this point, I've listed in the sidebar all the books I've read since my blog's inception. The list is starting to get a wee bit long though. So I'm going to consolidate the title listing at the end of each year. I figure it's also a good time to reflect on what I've read during the year and review what I've written.

  1. Funny Little Monkey
    My first book review. My first post, even. August 23, 2005. *le sigh* And I don't even remember the plot of the book. It seems a shame to start a blog with such a forgettable book.

  2. Rainbow Party
    The second most popular search term that brings people to my blog is for this book. (Okay. I assume hope it's for the book.) I made bold assertions about the importance of this book in my post on it. I retract those now. Though I still think parents should put more effort into having honest and frank discussions about sex and sexuality with their teenagers that extend beyond the Thou Shalt Not Have Sex Ever before You're Married and Even Once You've Married You're Going to Hate It because Sex Is Evil and Bad and Only for Making Babies ilk of chats. Especially since conservative politicos do everything in their power to neuter effective public sex education.

  3. Pay the Piper
    Hmm. This was supposed to be the first in a series of Rock 'n' Roll fairy tales; I haven't seen any. Oh. According to the Devil's Den Online, Troll Bridge was released July 2006.

  4. Godless
    Still haven't read anything else by Hautman.

  5. Flush
    Three cheers for quirky authors and ethical protagonists!

  6. How I Live Now
    Haven't read anything else by Rosoff either, even if I have another book on my shelves. I think I'm still freaked out by the Weirdness.

  7. Inkspell
    Love Funke. Well, except I'm currently reading Igraine the Brave, and I'm pretty much not liking it the way I didn't like Dragon Rider. So I'll rephrase that to Love Funke's YA.

  8. The Penultimate Peril
    I still like this book the best in the series.

  9. M or F?
    The highlight of this post was that I received an e-mail from one of the authors. Because he was procrastinating by google searching. I should read more by him.

  10. Are We There Yet?
    Yeah. I'm still in love with Levithan. I doubt that'll ever go away.

  11. Revenge of the Witch
    I have come to really like this series. I'm looking forward to getting to the third one, which is on my shelf.

  12. Fallen
    What I like about going through this post is looking at books that have stuck with me. This is one of those books. If I didn't have so many new books, I think I'd be inclined to read this one again.

  13. The Fairy-Tale Detectives
    Hmm. This book was forgettable. I haven't read any of the other books in the series.

So that's the 2005 harvest. Well, at least as recorded from the end of August.

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Th. said...


I was interested to see which reviews I remember, which authors I could place, which I now own, which I've now read:

# Funny Little Monkey

I don't remember it either

# Rainbow Party

I do remember this. Icky.

# Pay the Piper


# Godless

Don't you mean Coulter, ha ha?

# Flush


# How I Live Now


# Inkspell

I've since picked up The Thief Lord, though I haven't read it yet.

# The Penultimate Peril

Not mine, but that's okay. I'm not sure I have a favorite, actually, but if you forced me to say right now, I would hedge a while and then say, "The End?"

# M or F?

I remember you getting an email. That is all.

# Are We There Yet?

I know you are. I want to read the remix first. Some day.

# Revenge of the Witch


# Fallen

I can't remember it, but feel like I know the title. I wonder if it's for the same thing....

# The Fairy-Tale Detectives

I remember, but mostly because of the cover art. They've been doing pretty well, haven't they?