Love, Stargirl

Love, Stargirl
by Jerry Spinelli
YA fiction. 274 pp.
Knopf. 2007.

In this sequel to Stargirl, we have Stargirl's voice as she has moved from Arizona to a new city. The book takes the format of a letter that she is writing to her ex-boyfriend, Leo. As is Stargirl's nature, she seems to see the world in a pure light (even if her happines wagon is devoid of any rocks) and manages to bring out the best in other people.

I was looking forward to this book because I loved Stargirl so. Not that I remember why I loved it. I just remember that I loved it and I hold a soft place in my heart for it. I think it has to do with the likeability of Stargirl. The end of the book delivered on the hope of a good story, though I was nervous going into it because the first portion of the book just wasn't catching me. I love how she bares her soul throughout the book and is open to growth and change and others. I don't have the love for it that I have for the first novel, but it's a good read nonetheless.

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I did not know this book existed, but am very glad to learn.