eats, shoots & leaves

I'm in the process of reading and evaluating a manuscript. It's taken longer than it ought. In fact, I'm late in turning it in because . . . well . . . the manuscript is horrendous. The plot is abysmal, the character is whiny and angsty blech, and the spelling is worse than a fifth grader's.


I have decided that I must look at the silver lining of spelling humor.

"She said Emma is in a comma, which is good because she can heal better and pain free, but bad because comma's are always scary."
I think, amen, brother. A. Men. Better to be in a comma than to be in a full stop.* I mean, commas are just a pause, a connection between this and that. But full stops are permanent. Fin.

I'm not sure why the character thinks commas are always scary. A bit daunting perhaps, but not scary. You want scary, you should try semi-colons.

*I'm using British terminology here because I don't even want to get into other meanings and unintended interpretations of period.


Yekim AV said...

Rumor has it that semi-colons are "gay."

Desmama said...

Why didn't you e-mail this out? It's a beauty!

Edgy said...

I didn't e-mail it because I found it last night and knew that I was going to blog it.

Now, had I suspected that you wouldn't read my blog, I would've e-mailed it. Poor Coworker won't see it though. ;)

absent-minded assistant said...

Last night your blog wouldn't let me comment on this... probably because it wanted me to focus completely on the Democratic Convention speeches. But, now it will let me say, as one who finds commas scary, but not necessarily semi-colons, that I think this was brilliant, just plain brilliant.