Pandora Gets Jealous

Pandora Gets Jealous
by Carolyn Hennesy
Early YA fiction. 253 pp.
Bloomsbury. 2008.

flap copy:

Pandora Atheneus Andromaeche Helena (or Pandy, for short) has always been a little too curious for her own good. So it's hardly a surprise when she discovers a simple box, said to contain something so terrifying and horrible that no one must ever, ever open it. Pandy knows she shouldn't bring it to school, but it's sooo neat and way cooler than showing off her dad's liver in a jar (again).

Of course, the box accidentally gets opened, seven kinds of evil and misery are unleashed into the world, Athens starts to crumble, death and destruction are everywhere . . . You get the picture. Hauled before Zeus, Hera, and the rest of the immortals, Pandy is ordered to collect all the evils within six months or officially become the most unpopular maiden in Athens—oh yeah, and ruin the world forever, too
Because of the Percy Jackson books, I've been going through a bit of a mythology phase. Again. Granted, part of that this time was because the Boy was finally interested in something that didn't have to do with dragons, so I wanted to find more books to keep him engaged. I figured this book wouldn't be the next thing for him (come to find out, The Fire Thief series is).

This book is cute, but it borders a bit on the fluff side. It's still set in Ancient Greece, but the language and attitude is very much contemporary American. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I guess it works well enough. The characters are interesting and seem to work well together, at least from what I remember (I finished reading this April 2). More than likely, I'll read the subsequent books in the inevitable series.

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