the stupids step out

It has come to my attention that I really ought to start reading the Letters to the Editor section of other newspapers. If I don't, I fear I will never find anything to disabuse me of the notion that Utah is Land of the Ignert and Home of the Stoopid.

Spitz won medals hard way

I am happy for Michael Phelps' success in the swimming events at the Beijing Olympics. But it is difficult to compare Phelps to swimming sensation Mark Spitz and the seven gold medals he earned at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Spitz did not have the technological advantage of super-speed pools and laser-sleek swim suits. Nor did he wear a streamlined swimming cap to cover his hair when he won his medals (he also swam those events with a mustache).

Spitz won his medals the old-fashioned way, and it has taken more than 30 years of innovation and technology for anyone to come close to his Olympic success.

Mark D. Reese
Salt Lake City
Really? Really? Phelps is winning his medals the "old-fashioned way," just like Spitz. Because the old-fashioned way is to swim faster than the other swimmers in the pool. The record that Phelps is beating is one of quantity, not quality.


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Yekim AV said...

Someone ought to tell Mark Spitz about this unfair advantage, because Spitz has been quoted in all the media praising Phelps as being the best thing since, well Spitz! ;)

Some people just aren't as smart as the rest of us, we must not let that deter us.