gods behaving badly

Now, we all know that Puppatrix and Puppicent are delightful, generally well-behaved dogs.


They've had a couple incidences of late that are a bit frustrating. For example, I've started contracting with a new company. They bring their contractors in-house to work (all projects are group projects). It's been rather enjoyable for a number of reasons—walking/Traxing to work, balanced liberal work environment, learning new things even if they are technical writing/editing related. My current project manager lives around the corner from me. So now not only do I know one of my neighbors, I know that she's actually really nice. And she has puppies of her own.

Well, last night, she was out and about with her puppies. They stopped outside our fence to chat for a minute. Getting our puppies to quiet was quite a feat, but it finally worked. I ought to have realized that was the calm before the storm. You see, Dec somehow broke the gate to the driveway earlier this week, and it doesn't quite close as tightly as it used to. Apparently there's enough of a gap for Bellatrix to slip through. And start mounting one of PM's dogs. So Dec had to get out and grab Puppatrix back as I restrained Puppicent who had not realized there was a way out. Personally, I just find myself rather embarrassed.

Worse than this, though, is their fixation with the cat next door. A couple weeks ago, the dogs really wanted to go out at about one in the morning. I heard them making the There's an Animal Outside noises; Dec heard them making the I Have to Go RIGHT Now noises. So he let them out. And they darted. And they were successful. Neighbor cat = no more.

The cat didn't die immediately. It wouldn't let us near it after the dogs were finally pulled off it and sent back inside. But it wasn't there in the morning. The neighbor came by the next day to see if we knew anything about what had happened. I told him. They had to put the cat down because it supposedly had a broken spine. Can a cat still jump onto a three-foot-high box with a broken spine?

So, those were naughty puppies. We figured it would be over, except the Crazy Neighbor Boy has apparently gotten another cat. Sure, this cat isn't allowed outside the house, but that doesn't stop it from sitting in its window sill and watching the puppies through our kitchen window.

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Cricket said...

OMG! Did you just leave the cat outside to die? How did you handle the neighbor when they came asking? Did you offer to repay them for having to put the cat down? Did Dec learn the difference between dog sounds? or at least to flip the light on outside and check before letting the dualing Cujos out? I would have been mortified!