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Merry Christmas me.

from Publishers Weekly:

Amazon unveiled the Kindle2 in an elaborate, and crowded, presentation this morning at New York’s Morgan Library. The new device is significantly slimmer than the original—about as thin as a pencil—has a text-to-speech function that can read the book out loud, and easier and improved navigation. The device also includes improved graphics and more storage—it will hold 1,500 books, Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos said, and its battery will hold a charge for two weeks.

Kindle2 will debut on February 24 and will still be priced at $359. For customers who have a Kindle on backorder, Amazon will automatically upgrade the purchase to the new e-reader. Bezos said for existing Kindle owners, anyone who orders a new one within 24 hours “will be put at the top of the queue.” It was unclear if current Kindle owners will receive a discount for upgrading.


Th. said...


New competitor on the way : link

Edgy said...

But the Momma didn't get me one of those for Christmas. And even if she had, I would hope that they would figure out the touch page turning; he wasn't so good at it in the presentation.

Th. said...


No, but it hasn't been released yet. I'm more interested in the thinness and lightness and size. I think it shows a lot of potential. And it doesn't have the Kindles DRM issues.