talking to myself

This morning I woke up well before my alarm with the sudden remembrance that I needed to change some page numbers in the table of contents of a book I'm finishing up for the press. Why I was thinking about this at that particular moment, I'll never know. However, the dilemma I ended up with was one in which I wasn't sure how to remind myself many hours later when I could actually do something about this particular task.

I thought about writing myself a note, but I couldn't guarantee that I would remember to grab the note in what I knew would be my rush out the door.

I thought about sending myself an e-mail, but that would require turning on the computer. And then I would surely get distracted by the messages that would be waiting in my inbox, cutting out that last little precious bit of sleep.

Then I had the genius thought of calling myself to leave a message. So after traipsing around the house trying to find one of my business cards because I don't know my work number (hey, I was close--it was only the last digit I didn't know), I called and left myself a message. "Self, don't forget to change the page number for the index in the table of contents."

Second dilemma. To my knowledge, there is no etiquette as to how to close a voice mail message to yourself. And I hadn't thought about this prior to calling myself.

"See ya later" doesn't really work, especially since the only way I could really do that is if I had a mirror in my office, and that's rather vain.

"Talk to ya later." Umm. I certainly hope not. Isn't it odd enough that I'm talking to myself now?

To end the awkward silence I was creating in my own voice mail, I ended with "So . . . umm . . . yeah . . . bye."

I concluded, especially after I got to work and listened to my message, that I am one articulate puppy. Great.

As a side note, I hate my phone voice.


Stupidramblings said...

When you encounter the awkward situation of leaving yourself a message, the key is not to let anyone else know how awkward a conversationalist you are when you talk to yourself.

Neverthless, if you are looking for something to say to yourself before you hang up, just ask yourself out on friday night.

Self 1: "So, don't forget to edit the table of contents...and...ah...well I was wondering if you'd like to go grab some ice cream on Friday or Saturday night. If you don't want to, or if you can't, that's cool. We can always blog. Or we can make a pact to go out every third Tuesday or something. Please call me back...I need this one...please?"

Self 2: [Thinks to self] "Creepy" or "Cool, I got a hot date."

That's what I do. It doesn't always pan out, bot when it does--whoa-HO-ho--lookout! Here comes Stupid...

Th. said...


I have a binder clip on my fedora and use it to clip postits to my hat which makes things easy to remember because remembering to pick up carrots is preventing me from seeing oncoming traffic. It also has the added bonus of making me look truly idiotic.

noelle feather said...

This reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross calls himself, to give himself a "pick me up", and also reminds himself to get stamps. :)