TIME illiteracy

So in reading Miss Snark's blog earlier today, I learned that Time has released their list of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present. Their rationale is here, and the list itself is here.

It was a rather depressing read for me, as it marks me as contemporarily illiterate. I've only read seven of the novels on the list (Animal Farm; Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Lord of the Flies; The Lord of the Rings; 1984; To Kill a Mockingbird). Eight if you count the novel I read half of (Possession--which, incidentally, they misspell on the website) and the other novel that I don't remember if I read or not but I know it was assigned for one of my classes and that was during one of my brief periods of time when I was trying to actually do my class reading (Things Fall Apart). Then to make matters worse, of the ones I haven't read (remember, I have 91 to choose from here), I've only heard of 23.

I am grossly underread. I weep for me.


Nemesis said...

Wow. You surprise me, EKB! I've only read about 19 on the list, so I'm not really proud of myself there. And a few of those I found dead boring.

What does that even say about me?

Th. said...


Or what does it say about their list?

Th. said...


And I've read ten. For what it's worth. But if it makes a difference, I loved Possession.

Note: I'm impressed to note that there is a comic book on here. That's a surprise.

Edgy said...

Now, if they were to produce a list of the 100 best young adult and children's books, I'm sure I would fare much better.

And those books aren't dead boring.

Nemesis said...

Indeed not. Those books are the best.