get into heaven free

shared correspondence:

Coworker: It's nice to know that I am not obligated to write in my own journal, because all I have to do at the end of the day is print Edgy's blog. ;)

I think this gets him a Get Into Heaven Free card (Don't Pass Peter), despite the swearing. I mean, taking care of the "write in your journal" commandment for several people has got to count for something in the eternal scheme of things.

Coworker2: Yeah, he's really going the extra mile to catalog our lives to and from work.

Edgy: Can I blog about this?


Th. said...


My journal writing is being slowly supplanted by the less personal, more pandering art of blogging.

Which isn't exactly what you were talking about....

Edgy said...

As I think about it, a blog is the closest thing I've had to a journal since, oh, I don't know, the nineteenth month of my mission.