My apartment complex has a duck pond. My office window faces it. It used to be surrounded by large trees, but the apartment complex cut all those down a few months ago. Initially, I was rather livid. I liked my trees. Apparently, though, they weren't native to the area and had taken over the habitat. I'm told that they're dredging the pond next spring and installing a more natural habitat, whatever that means.

The pond has frozen over, what with the onset of winter and all, and I find I'm finally able to appreciate the lack of trees as I sit at my desk and watch the ducks instead of edit the current manuscript I'm behind schedule on.

Our ducks are rather odd creatures. They never migrate. They're really pretty domestic. I think we're supposed to feed them, because if you begin to walk toward the pond, the flock of ducks (and one goose--not sure where he came from) waddle toward you.

But I find myself entertained as I watch the ducks fly in to land on the iced-over pond. I don't know why a duck sliding three feet on ice is amusing to me, but it is.

And now I sit perplexed as I watch the ducks just sit on the ice. Brr.


Desmama said...

Sounds like you had some really deep philosophical moments there by ol' Walden Pond, as it were. And while Thoreau was thinking "simplify, simplify," you're thinking, "I don't know why a duck sliding three feet on ice is amusing to me, but it is." I feel a circle of life moment coming on . . .

Silus Grok said...

Watch out for geese, they're mean-spirited, and their bills have a serrated edge (like a steak knide) that'll slice you right open.

Feeding the ducks probably did the trick on keeping them around. If you're in the mood to feed them, though, I'd encourage you to talk to a local birding store (like Backyard Birds, in Sugar House). Barring that, I'd stick to the breads that have the nuts and grains in them... white bread isn't any better for a bird than it is for us.

: )

Th. said...


I'm confused how anyone could doubt the amusing nature of a duck sliding on ice.

Say it with me:


Funny, isn't it?

Silus Grok said...

And for even more ducky goodness, there's Lemon Jelly's psychodelic ode Nice Weather for Ducks.

A word of warning: some of Lemon Jelly's music is, um, a little, um, crude.

But not this song. I love this song.

kirsa said...

A flock of ducks with a goose? Is it, by any chance, a white goose? If it is, then I think they migrated from their previous living location of the irrigation canal by Heritage Halls in Provo to wherever it is that you live. Unless somebody decided to start stocking duck flocks with random geese to keep the flocks in control or something. I wondered for a long time where those ducks went after the piped and buried the canal. I can sleep easily now, in my imaginings that they've moved on (temporarily at least) to a new and happy apartment complex pond.

Edgy said...

It was, in fact, a white goose. Hmm. How very interesting. I think we may now share custody of some fowl.