"Because it's endless and there's dog hair everywhere"

There are many reasons men do not have bridal or baby showers, the primary one being games. And I don't understand why so many of these games involve toilet paper. That's just weird. Especially if the object of the game is to fashion lingerie out of said toilet paper.

Although I will confess that if you get the right people playing these silly games, you have memorable moments. CoworkerPR a.k.a. ButtBabe is getting married. She had a bridal shower this weekend. Coworker attended. One of the games was to write on a card your household chore that you hate the most and why. Coworker should have listened to her inner voice--you know, the one that told her that something bad was going to come of this--when she described why she hates vacuuming (see post title). Come to find out, they were all writing about why they hate sex.


Master Fob said...

Um. Oh, dear. I think I'll just leave that one alone.

Mandi said...


Mine would have said

cuz I have to do it everyday and it never gets faster.


Edgy said...

Mandi: Funny. Way funny.

Master: So perhaps I should listen to my inner voice and not share this other one from the shower: "Because it's stinky, and dogs are pointless creatures anyway." (curbing the dog)