happy Edgy

My computer is back from the doctor now. It works. I'm happy. Apparently it had bulging capacitors. And when they say bulging, they literally mean that they were physically bulging. I don't know very much about computer hardware, but it makes me nervous that some portion of my computer could actually bulge.

Now my life can get back to normal. I can finally empty my e-mail box of the 102 messages that have accumulated since I wasn't able to pull messages, newspaper articles, blog comments, etc., from the server to their appropriate folder on my hard drive (which I really should learn to backup after my scare of last week). This also means that I can finally answer all those real messages that were just sitting in my inbox because I was going to get to them later but then lost them in the mass of clutter that was there. I can update my financial records to see how much money I don't have. I can update my iPod with the music I downloaded just prior to the crash.

And, most importantly to you, I can get started on my alphabiography.

But not tonight. It's bedtime.


Mandi said...

I have a question for you book-man.

How does one go about finding an incredibly old book to purchase? I have been doing some looking around the internet and for some reason, I'm coming up empty-handed.

I would love to find a copy of Edith Wharton's -Ethan Frome (C. 1911) as old as possible. The oldest I hsve found is 1970 :(

Edgy said...

Mandi: I, unfortunately, am not well equipped to fully answer your question. You have the standard internet sites like Amazon and eBay. But what you probably want to do is work through a used bookstore. They generally have the connections to track down old books. Also, you might throw your question at my friend Iguana Sam. I know that he knows of a used bookstore in Boston that tracks down books for people. Regardless, he will be much more knowledgeable in this matter than I.

Mandi said...


Master Fob said...

Ahem. The alphabiography? I don't like waiting.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Me neither. I can't wait for the letter "e". And I need to live vicariously through your blog since I am not blogging this week