crimes against humanity

The American Fork Albertson's does not have a Starbucks. What are they thinking?


Absent-minded Secretary said...

Are there Starbucks in any of the Utah County Albertons'?

You do remember there is a Starbucks just a jog down the road from the AF Albertsons.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

On Freethinker's blog he posts the history of Starbuck's logos. Very interesting. Almost like we are all greek sailors caught in the net of a siren's song forced to make beverage purchases... Check it out: evolution of starbucks logo

Th. said...


I'm from California and I have never seen a Starbucks in an Albertson's. But then, I prefer my coffee in Columbia, dontchano.

Rachel said...

For as long as I have lived in Utah (which is pretty much as long as I've lived) I have never seen a Starbucks attatched to Albertson's in any way, shape, or form. But then, maybe that's because 84770 was too small for a Sarbucks until a year ago.