one hundred

And it's about frickin' time. I mean, Absent hit 100 at the beginning of the month. And Theric, who has been blogging essentially as long as I have, hit 100 mid-November and 200 mid-March.

But I made it. Finally.

I would post when other friends hit this milestone, but they haven't been kind enough to point them out to me and the rest of the world. Okay, maybe they have and I've just forgotten, what with my bitterness about my slowness and all.


Absent-minded Secretary said...

Congratulations! And on the Ides of March! Wah Hoo!

Master Fob said...

I hit one hundred a month or two ago but totally forgot to celebrate. Congratulations to you for the anniversary and for remembering.

Th. said...


Hooray for Edgy. May you have many hundreds more.

noelle feather said...

I think I have hit a few milestones! :) Come see!