road rage bonding

This morning, while driving the carpool to work, I witnessed an accident in my rearview mirror. Some silver truck completely sidewalled and clipped the mirror off a little red Jetta. Then he kept driving, ignoring the Jetta, who was trying to flag him down.

We were appalled. So Coworker turned around and wrote down the license plates of the truck.

The truck, upset that the Jetta was tailing him, trying to get him to pull over, whipped back into the middle lane and passed me, then whipped back in front of me, nearly clipping my vehicle and the one in front of him in the middle lane. That just pissed me (and Coworker and ButtBabe--surely Iguana Sam is going to be upset that he spent the morning doing the second round of Jeopardy! auditions instead of doing road rage bonding) off. Of course, there was an advantage in that Coworker could now see the Jetta's license plates to get that information as well.

So the Jetta gets into the middle lane and I slow down so that he can pull in front of me, because we are now bonded in our road rage against our common enemy. Coworker called in the accident to the Highway Patrol. There was a bit of confusion about that, though, because apparently the HP was receiving a call about another hit and run on the freeway down in Provo. Regardless, we did our duty as Caped Crusaders of Justice.

And we bonded with each other and with the Jetta.


Master Fob said...

Tell Iguana Sam to say hi to Foxy J at the Jeopardy tryouts. Retroactively, that is.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I'm glad that you didn't get runned over.

Mandi said...

I can't believe that!

{patting backs} Good JOB!