vote 2006

I've spent some time this morning going through and changing around the blog a bit. It's almost spring, and spring is a time of happiness and change.

Anyway, somewhere sometime I made some comment in passing about changing my blogname. Fobby brought it up again, so I've been thinking about that. I just sign things Edgy, so it would make sense to go about that, though I would miss the full name. In the end, I don't think I'm going to get rid of that.

However, in honor of democratic naming events and to make Fobby happy (because everything is about him), I'll open up the polls to my nickname.

Edgy Killer Bunny
Edgy Killa B-U-Double-Nizzy
Edgy Crazy Ass Nigga B-U-Double Nizzy

Along these lines, as I mentioned, I've been changing things up a bit. So I'm also thinking about renaming the blog. But I'm not sure what to rename it. I think part of it has to do with the whole Emerging Blog Identity thing. When I started this, I envisioned myself being a blogger version of Frank Rich, because I love how he connects things together. But I'm not Frank.

So throw out some identity suggestions. Tell me who my blog is. Please.


Master Fob said...

I vote for Edgy Killer Bunny. I'll still call you Edgy, but you don't want people to forget what it stands for. If I'd just come across your blog in the last month or so, for example, I'd have no way of knowing that your name is anything other than Edgy.

Edgy Crazy Ass Nigga B-U-Double-Nizzy is a close second.

Master Fob said...

And I like the new look.

noelle feather said...

I vote for Edgers.

Sounds kind of edgy...and a bit scary....


Absent-minded Secretary said...

I stand with Master Fob. Edgy Killer Bunny. It's your full blog name. You can occasionally go by your first blog name, Edgy, you know, for casual situations, or when conversing with blog friends, or EKB for convience when refering to yourself in blog transcripts. But, when in formal blogging situations, you need your full blog name. But, these are the merrits of having a three part name.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Oh, and I, too, like your new set-up. My friend LL always says that geniuses are drawn to the color green because it is a soothing color. And I like the boxes. It makes all the different sections that you have stand out well.

Good choice. You design very well.

Th. said...


Who says geniuses want to be soothed? Sounds like the thought of a soothe-happy genius-wannabe.

I like the full name. I have a full name, but people only call me by my first in most situations.

So I concur with M-Fob and Absent.

kirsa said...

You could try going by Killer for awhile. Lovely green, by the way.

Mandi said...

I really like Edgy Killa B-U-Double-Nizzy but it seems too long... Edgy works well

FoxyJ said...

I vote for keeping the full name, and then you can go by Edgy if you want.

eleka nahmen said...

I say stick with the full name. Having a longer name gives you the option of shortening or lengthening it as you please. One short name isn't exactly conducive to tzuzing it up, when the mood strikes.

Master Fob said...

Yay! I won!

As for the blog name, I don't know. I can't think of a better one, Books Are King works nicely for you and your blog, and if you change it you'd have to change your url, which would be a pain. So I vote for Books Are King. Or the Bunnycave.

Edgy said...

Okay. So I'm going to keep the full name and just go by Edgy when I refer to myself. That works for me.

And even if I change the blog name, I don't think I have to change the url. I kinda sorta like the Bunnycave. But I don't know if I could actually do that. I mean, everything already is about Fobby; changing the name in such a way would be such a painfully obvious homage.

Th. said...


You won't have to change the url. In fact, may I suggest, that you had better not.

I like Bunnycave, but I know I could never go for Thcave, as authoritative as that sounds.

Other things you might not want to do for risk of sounding derivative. Derivitive. Derivitave. Something.


Edgy's Almanac
After the Bunny
Bunny on a Hill
Ich Bin Bunny
Broken Bunny
Singing Killer
Pieces of Edgy


Shoot....looks like all the good one's are taken....

Edgy said...

However . . .

After the Bunny and Singing Killer both have an interesting ring to them . . .

Master Fob said...

I like Pieces of Edgy.

Or The World's First Flying Killer Bunny.

Master Fob said...
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Master Fob said...

Edgy Killer... Bunner?

Edgy said...

Umm . . . Just checking your eye for detail. You pass!

Master Fob said...

It's funny that it took me (and everyone else, for that matter, including you) so long to notice.

Th. said...


Notice what, I wonder? So mysterious!

And I'm afraid I don't know who Frank Rich is.....