You would think that with a title such as "visitors," I would be referencing my new best friend (of the male gender, because Absent is quite clearly my BFF, with the possible exception of Dec, but we won't get into that now), Theric, and his lovely wife, Lady Steed (not to mention the Big O).

However, I'm not.

I think Fobby is to blame for getting me hooked on Blog Patrol. Because of said feature, I can look at what draws people to my little corner of the internet. So, whereas some people come looking for perfectly normal things you would expect on a book-obsessed blog such as Inexcusable or Inkspell, apparently some people come here looking for "resculpting Barbie dolls" and "have sex on ar farm," neither of which I have, to my knowledge, done. (Fobby, put the search engine down. I don't want to know which post it was that triggered that search engine response.)

And then there's the person looking for a Freudian analysis of Romeo and Juliet. That's something I think I could get into. Except I don't have time right now, what with tomorrow being my last day of work and I still have two rewrite letters to crank out plus a book edit before then (which ain't gonna happen) and I'm nursing Dec back to health.

So, out of your kind and generous support, I was hoping my readers would help this poor person trying to do a Freudian analysis. What would you analyze in Romeo and Juliet, given the chance?


Master Fob said...

So what exactly does BFF stand for? Best female friend? Best friend forever? Bunny fudge flower?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

That would be Bunny Fudge Flower...

LYLAS everyone! GGN. TAFN and TTFN!

Master Fob said...

Hey, you're done! I suppose this means you'll be blogging more frequently. I expect you'll be done with the alphabiography in a week or so.

Edgy said...

Perfect. You've now given me the inspiration I need for your coloring contest. I just need to depict you smoking the happy stuff.

C.L. Hanson said...

Hey edgy killer bunny!!

Thanks for the link!!!

Do I know you from a forum, or did you find my blog through a chance wacky google search like your new friend who is apparently writing a paper on Romeo and Juliet?

(p.s. I can't think of anything Freudian in that play, but it's been a long time since I've read it...)

Th. said...


I alwasy thought it obvious that Juliet was a penis.

(It's the hairdo.)

Absent-minded Secretary said...