moving on

On Friday, which was my last day of work, Sister graduated from college. So I write this post to offer her my congratulations (well, and Tolkers, who I took a picture of that didn't turn out, and Ambrosia too). I also write this post to create a public record noting that my parents can no longer give me grief about how long it took me to do my undergrad because it took her longer. (My grad is a whole other story, and I will likely never be able to live that down.)

I don't remember much about the ceremony, but I do have a few random thoughts.

  • While listening to Dean Rosenberg's address, I had this startling realization that I now know exactly how Peanuts characters feel when listening to an adult speak.
  • The student representative talked about her time in Spain on Study Abroad last year during the Don Quixote quadricentennial. So she spoke a lot about Don Quixote, which I'm sure Fobby would have enjoyed. But the only thing I really remember from her address was the thought, Can you share what you think is the greatest speech of a novel you admit to not having fully read?
  • Parents who name their children Angel Moroni really ought to be put out to pasture. Particularly if said child is a male child.


Desmama said...

I love Dr. Rosenberg. So there.

Edgy said...

I'm not saying anything about his teaching. I'm just saying that his graduation address was a bit mwah mwah mwah mwah.

Th. said...


Brother Steed graduated with a Xylophone.

I thought that was awesome.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Madeleine L'Engle spoke at my graduation. It was awesome.

Tolkien Boy said...

He was a bit...I don't know.

But you missed last year, when the Dean talked about how literature was better than film, and why they allow such controversial books as The Great Gatsby on BYU's campus.

Seriously good times.

Rachel said...

Angel Moroni? For a child? Even female that could be bad. It's like... Weird.

I expect to graduate in three years. Assuming I ever get around to applying for my major. Or I guess I could just graduate in generals, but that would be boring.