Day o' Edgy

As many of you are already aware (and if not, you should be), yesterday was the Day o' Edgy.

Let me just start out by saying thank you to all you who helped contribute to the fabulosity that was the Day o' Edgy.

Thank you.

Now, let me just tell you why it was such a marvelosity. It began Saturday night. El Capitan and family were in town visiting because his wife was speaking at Women's Conference. El Capitan was one of the first people I met when I came to BYU many moons ago (and his wife was the first girl I kissed). So we got the ol' college gang together for a little food and chat. We celebrated a number of achievements, milestones, etc. and so forth. So a portion of it was a party in honor of the Day o' Edgy. I know it was Saturday, and so technically not on the actual Day o' Edgy, except that the party passed the midnight mark and therefore ended up falling on the Day o' Edgy, even if only for ten minutes.

Sunday morning, Dec and I went with the kids to breakfast at the IHOP in honor of the Day o' Edgy. Following an omelet that was far too big for my stomach, Dec had arranged for me to have a shiatsu massage by his BFF. Suh-weet. Pampering is always highly recommended on the Day o' Edgy.

Then we took the jaunt up the canyon to Park City for dinner with the fam. This was a momentous occasion because I met the niece and the nephew for the first time. I know I'm not supposed to be partial, but the Niece so kicks the Nephew's butt in terms of cuteness. I'm hoping that this is only because at six weeks, the Nephew has yet to develop a personality. I guess we'll see. Sister apparently decided to skip out on the family dinner in honor of Day o' Edgy because nobody told her dinner was at 4 instead of 6 (which she assumed to be the case). But she showed up for cheesecake, and that's all that really counts. Wait. No, that's not what really counts. She showed up for the gift bestowal ceremony, which is what really counts.

Following the family dinner, we boogied down the mountain for the friends party in honor of the Day o' Edgy. Believe it or not, my apartment can easily hold 26 extra people. I was quite pleased. There was an abundance of strawberries and shortcake and chocolate and conversation and silly games to see how well I actually know my friends (which isn't very well because I suck). But what truly rocked was seeing so many friends o' Edgy in one place.

And this is what made yesterday the Best. Day. Ever.

Now, I know there were a number of Friends o' Edgy (I think that deserves a capital letter, but we're not going to acronymate it ala Fob because then it would become Foe, and that just isn't right) who weren't present for any of the Day o' Edgy activities for one reason or another, and I know that they love me, and they know that I love them. So their warm wishes are welcomed and cherished.

However, because Edgy is so magnanimous with his generosity, he will accept bestowals of gifts and praise and blog posts for the rest of the month. That's right. It's the Month o' Edgy, for a whole 23 days more. That means you still have 23 days to honor and cherish and love Edgy for the Month o' Edgy. :)


Master Fob said...

There's always Foc.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Just make sure you don't say it with the wrong accent. :)

eleka nahmen said...

Well happy birthday! It sounds like it was a blast. Especially that massage... mmmm... massage..

Tolkien Boy said...

Happy month of Edgy! I will post on thee and thine before the month is out.

Oh, and I think your Diet Coke with Lime gave me Ricketts. Just thought you should know.

word verification: jgaps

*insert "your mom" joke here

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Edgy you better not drink any more of those Diet Coke with Lime if they are giving people Rickets. You had better give them all to me. :)

noelle feather said...

Rickets? What are rickets?

Th. said...


Foe is one of the reasons I will someday be forgotten.


Tolkien Boy said...

Fod is fodder for some funny jokes.

Okay, only one.

rickets: A deficiency disease resulting from a lack of vitamin D or calcium and from insufficient exposure to sunlight, characterized by defective bone growth and occurring chiefly in children. Also called rachitis.