So, come to find out, there are perks to being ill. Being one who is seldom ill, I had not discovered this before. And those times when I was ill, I refused to stay down for long. I realize a large part of that was because I actually liked school or I wanted to preserve my sick days to extend my vacations. (It was always perfectly legitimate for road trips, considering my propensity toward car sickness.)

But today . . . Well, today I discovered why Coworker was "sick" every other Friday.

For starters, I just got out of the shower. Yep. I didn't shower until 6 o'clock tonight. Now, normally I would find that to be rather disgusting and icky. However, there's an odd freedom to be found in proclaiming to the world that you have no desire to start the day until the early evening.

I primarily spent the day catching up on my virtual life. Sure, I still have 182 articles in my News to Read folder, but I now only have 7 blog posts to catch up on. Not bad.

I've cleaned my office. Well, a bit anyway. In order to do full justice to how I'd like to clean it, I would be required to go to the store and get some plastic file boxes. But, as noted above, I wasn't showered.

I think I have all the necessary documents in to my mortgage broker. I also got the realtor to find a new appraiser.

I've even eaten today.

And all of this doesn't even account for yesterday wherein other people willing made me food and did a reflexology treatment on me and I got to read two-thirds of a book.

Now, once Dec gets home, we're going to plop ourselves in front of the TV and knock off some of the final episodes of Desperate Housewives (yes, we're six episodes behind, but life's been too busy for TV). And though I could spend the time tonight reading or blogging or being otherwise productive or going out and getting the things I need to clean my office, I'm not going to because, well, the TiVo says that if I don't watch some of the programs in the queue, it won't record So You Think You Can Dance for me next week. And we can't have that.


MikeyV said...

For the past year I was living in the middle of suburbia. Very upper-middle class and above townfolk, with small general stores mixed in with high-end retail outlets (think Chicos, GAP type things right next to the general store - weirdness for me). Anyway, the wives had a rule. If you were a baseball cap, sweats and a hoodie, no one would come within three yards of you to avoid seeing your in your natural state (and typically uncleanly state). So you could go out of your house in the morning for your latte without showering or putting on your face, or stock up on your carbs on your way home from your five mile jog. I started getting used to the hoodie, sweats and a cap rule. Now I live in a community where that's not done. Things to ask about before moving somewhere.

Th. said...


Man. I showered early and still wasted my day.

I am ashamed.

MikeyV said...

I hate wasting showers like that.

David said...

Well written, I can relate....except for the TiVo part, I don't have TiVo yet.

Iguana Sam said...

Yeah, taking sick days really is great pastime.