Where's Edgy?

It has come to, well, many people's attention that Edgy has been noticeably absent from the virtual world of late. Edgy is truly sorry that this has been the case. He has not desired to be absent, but there have been many things going on in his life to lead to this absence.

  • There's that whole new job thing that has been keeping him occupied. Even though he swore he would only work eight hours a day and forty hours a week, that hasn't been the case. Though, he will confess it is rather nice to go in to work at, say, noon on occasion.
  • He's doing a bit o' freelance work right now. So far, he's edited two novels. He has one more on his computer plus a really big, really nasty copyedit. Oh, and he has two books he's supposed to be evaluating.
  • Edgy's lease is up at the end of July, so he figured it was time to do something about it and buy a house. He started this process a couple weeks ago, intending to give himself some time to take it nice and slow. It didn't turn out that way. Edgy currently has a cute little house in downtown Salt Lake under contract. Until yesterday, things were running smoothly, even if they were taking more time and moving faster than Edgy had anticipated. Edgy would go into the drama that occurred last night, but he thinks that househunting deserves a post all its own. Of course, he likely won't write that until he closes on the house. Then again, he'll start moving at that point . . .
  • Edgy's niece and nephew were blessed this weekend. Sure, that was only a day affair, but he had to go to Rock Springs, Wyoming, for it. Have you ever been to Rock Springs? If so, then you understand.
  • Edgy spent the day in bed yesterday with the flu (courtesy of the trip to Rock Springs). He's still a bit light-headed, but he assumes that he's just waiting for the food to kick in and make things all better. Of course, he's doing better than Sister, who came down with the flu on Sunday and is still in bed at the Momma's being nursed back to health. Granted, when Sister gets ill, she won't eat or keep anything down. At least Edgy can spend the day munching on crackers and sipping 7-Up and building up until evening when he can eat grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Edgy thinks this list should be longer to justify his absence. Oh well.

And it's not just Edgy's blog that has been neglected. He has about four weeks' worth of newspaper articles in a file on his computer. And his blog reader says he has 640 posts to read. (He's going to ignore a good number of them.)

Regardless, there are many, many posts that need to happen. Edgy needs to report on the Month o' Edgy. He needs to post about the five books he's read in the last few weeks. He needs to write about his new job. He needs to share the househunting experience. Oh, and then there's the next chapter in the Foblog that Edgy is responsible for.

Aren't you all glad that Edgy is here to teach you patience?


Absent-minded Secretary said...

Boss approves of your cute house, which is good because he is one of the top people in Utah for that sort of thing. He especially noticed the floors and the windows. :)

Get better soon, ye-who-never-gets-sick.

Desmama said...

Sorry you've been sick. I was, actually, starting to worry about you. But fun news about the house! Are you going to continue blogging in the third-person?

Tolkien Boy said...

All's I can say is you had better . What, you were sick and you couldn't type? Pfft.

In related news, I was worried, so I'm glad you're up and running again.

eleka nahmen said...

So good to hear you're still alive! I shall add my voice to the "I've been worried" queue.

Th. said...


Theric wants to know when (and why) Edgy started referring to himself in the third person.

Edgy said...

I don't know why I moved to the third person. I don't anticipate a continuation of this practice.

Thank you for the well wishes. Really, it was only one day of illness. Though I'm staying home again today. Mostly because I can. Of course, I've spent about four hours trying to catch up on blogs. Mercy. I still have 120 to go. sigh

MikeyV said...

I'm in complete agreement to the above comments as they relate to:
sickness and not typing?
third person issues
worried about EKB being MIA

noelle feather said...


noelle feather said...

PS, how are you liking The Da Vinci Code? Now that I've seen the movie, I'm undecided if I'm going to read the book.

Rachel said...

I was at this game store the other day and noticed a card game about killer bunnies and the hunt for the carrot. Or something like that.

eleka nahmen said...

Eleka thinks that Edgy's use of the third person is delightfully quirky :)