on Pirates

  • I finally saw it a couple night's ago. It was enjoyable, even if it was fluff. But, oh, the eye candy.
  • I wish I were a pirate. Well, mostly I wish I could get away with wearing Will's wardrobe. Maybe I know what Hallowe'en is going to be this year . . .
  • Elizabeth is a hussy.
  • What was up with the witch's here, there, and everywhere (or not) accent?
  • Charles Gibson must be important. During the huge mass of names during the credits, his was inserted there in the middle with tons of white space (or should I say black space?) surrounding it.
  • Speaking of names, holy CGI team, Batman. But they were good. Loved Davy Jones's crew.
  • Sword fights on a wheel . . . cool.
  • Soundtracks rock.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Agreed on many if not all points. Especially about Elizabeth being a hussy and the soundtrack rocking. I bought it. It's good.