champion or freak of nature?

Apparently my nephew has been measured and found to have the largest head in Sweetwater County. I'm still unsure if this is something to be proud of.

In related news, my niece has weighed in at the sixth percentile, which apparently makes her small. But at least she is so danged cute.

And in unrelated news, Little Miss Sunshine is an absolutely delightful movie. Everyone should see it.


Desmama said...

I was waiting for some crack about your brother after you commented on your nephew's head. But you restrained, I guess. ;)

Tolkien Boy said...

Maybe it's an extended brain pan?

I fully agree about Little Miss Sunshine. Make sure you see it, as I did, with someone who will laugh at the right places, though.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Who's uncle's favorite? :)

I was going to treat myself to LMS tonight... but I accidently fell asleep at 7pm. I think that makes me officially old if I can fall asleep when I am looking forward to something.

Edgy said...

Yep. I bit my tongue and refrained from making snide remarks about the gene pool from whence my nephew sprung.

Melyngoch said...

Umm, who exactly is going around measuring all the baby heads in Sweetwater County?