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2006 BBW; Read Banned Books: They're Your Ticket to Freedom
To cap off this week's tribute to Banned Books, I thought I would just point you in the direction of some of the book blogs in my blogreader.

For starters, to keep up on challenged and banned book information beyond this week, you can go to AS IF! Authors Support Intellectual Freedom. They'll keep you in the know throughout the year, what with their mission statement to "[champion] those who stand against censorship, especially of books for and about teens."

Or, to get the same information with a lot more flair and personality, you can go to bookshelves of doom. This blog basically gives you lots of book news and has me convinced that we all need to have librarians like this in our lives. (Master Fob, now you know what I aspire for you to be . . . )

Then there's Read Roger. This is a great blog if you want to keep your pulse on what's going on with Horn Book Magazine. For example, today's post tells you which books will be getting starred reviews in the November issue.

If you want to try and get a jump on who will win next year's Newbery, then I recommend Nina's Newbery, wherein they are staging for a Mock Newbery in December. Sounds like my idea of a good time. (But some people often question my idea of a good time, so don't take my word for it. Necessarily.)

If you want to see a site that does what I had originally thought I wanted to do but just didn't have the strength of will to actually pull off, go to Books Books Books. That's right . . . All reviews, all the time. Remember, high school librarians are your friends.

And to end, I highly recommend Unshelved. This one's a comic strip. You should add it to your blogreader. You know you want to. All sorts of funniness . . . Pimp My Bookcart . . . te he he.

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eleka nahmen said...

These series of posts make me wish so much that I was in possession of time that I could actually do the oh-so-recreational activity of reading. Sigh.