So, back in July, I attended the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Vegas, which I didn't write about here. Aside from taking heaps o' fitness classes and learning how to run a fitness program and what not, I signed up with NASM to complete their personal trainer certification program. I have four months to complete the certification.

Now that two and a half months have passed, I figure it's time that I actually get started.

I cracked the text book open tonight. It reminds me of why I found so much enjoyment in being an art history major and an English grad student. Art history majors have to buy heavy, expensive books, but they don't have to actually read them; they just get to look at the pictures. English grad students don't buy text books altogether; instead, they buy heaps and heaps o' books to read, which at least are generally interesting. Unless they're theory.

This is what I'm in for with the NASM textbook:

  • 686 pages, which doesn't include the appendices that I may or may not have to read.
  • 49.5 signatures. (Because that's how we publishing types, former and current, think about big books.)
  • 18 chapters, ranging anywhere from 20 to 75 pages each.
  • 7 appendices.
  • 1 answer key. (I point this out only to indicate that apparently there are tests in the book. Suck.)
Fortunately, a good portion of the book deals with exercises. Then again, maybe that's not so fortunate. There are a lot of them. I might have to actually know them.

At least every chapter has a blue box with Objectives and another blue box with Key Terms.


Master Fob said...

Hopefully those signatures are valuable. Maybe you can sell the book on eBay when you're done with it.

Master Fob said...

(I'm self-conscious enough to feel a need to explain that I do know what a signature is. I was being deliberately ignorant, as I often do.)

Desmama said...

You counted the sigs?

Th. said...


How's half a signature get bound? I've always wondered that....